Review: Why Balai Mario is a Must-Eat Destination in Silang near Tagaytay

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Last Updated: March 23, 2024

Balai Mario Silang Cavite restaurants near Tagaytay

Silang Cavite restaurants near Tagaytay

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Balai Mario Silang Filipino style dining area

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Quality of Food
Value for Money
Design & Ambiance

Balai Mario Review – Silang Cavite Restaurant

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Silang, Cavite, Balai Mario is a culinary oasis that captivates visitors with its delightful ambiance and delectable cuisine. Offering a fusion of flavors and a welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant has become a favorite destination for food enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience.

In search of respite from the bustling crowds and traffic of Tagaytay, particularly on weekdays, we embarked on a quest for nearby restaurants and stumbled upon a hidden gem. This restaurant captured our attention with its captivating landscape design, creating a truly mesmerizing ambiance. While there are other restaurants with a similar concept in the area, Balai Mario surpassed them all, boasting the most remarkable setup we had encountered thus far.

Aesthetics and Ambiance

From the moment you step foot into the restaurant, you are transported to a realm of tranquility and elegance. The restaurant boasts a charming interior design, featuring warm wooden accents, comfortable seating arrangements, and tasteful decor that exudes a rustic charm. The spacious dining area allows for intimate gatherings or larger celebrations, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Balai Mario Silang Cavite Restaurant

Scenic Surroundings

What sets Balai Mario apart from other establishments is its breathtaking location. Situated in the lush countryside of Silang, diners are treated to picturesque views of rolling hills, vibrant gardens, and the refreshing scent of nature. The outdoor seating area provides the perfect setting for al fresco dining, allowing guests to savor their meals while immersing themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Balai Mario SIlang

Balai Mario Menu

Balai Mario menu is a harmonious blend of traditional Filipino dishes and international flavors, carefully curated to satisfy diverse palates. Whether you crave local delicacies or international fare, the restaurant offers an extensive range of options. From classic adobo and sinigang to mouthwatering steaks and pasta, each dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail, using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring that every guest can find something to suit their preferences.

Balai Mario Menu
Kare Kare

What are Balai Mario’s Best-sellers?

Among their most beloved dishes is their signature “Kare-Kareng Bagnet.” This unique rendition of the traditional Filipino stew features crispy pork belly simmered in a rich peanut sauce, accompanied by a medley of vegetables and served with a side of shrimp paste. Another standout is the “Crispy Pata,” a succulent deep-fried pork leg that boasts a perfectly crispy skin and tender meat. These dishes exemplify their commitment to combining traditional Filipino flavors with innovative culinary techniques.


The attentive and friendly staff are well-trained in providing exceptional service, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and well-cared for.

Looong Waiting time

We have dined at this restaurant three times now, and our first and second visits were quite satisfying. Impressed by the quality of the food, the inviting ambiance, and the excellent value for money, we decided to return for a third time.

However, during our third visit, we encountered a bit of frustration due to the waiting time. We arrived at around 4 PM but had to wait until 5 or 5:30 in the afternoon for our food to be served, almost an hour of waiting. It’s possible that the delay was due to our large order, as we were celebrating a special occasion. Despite the wait, we still managed to enjoy our meal.

Review: Why Balai Mario is a Must-Eat Destination in Silang near Tagaytay

Is Balai Mario worth your visit?

Balai Mario, located in Silang, Cavite, offers a captivating culinary retreat for those in search of a delectable experience. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance and scenic vistas create an enchanting setting that appeals to both locals and tourists. Showcasing a diverse menu that highlights the finest Filipino and international dishes, Balai Mario has earned a special place in the hearts of its patrons. Whether it’s a family get-together, a romantic outing, or a peaceful solo dining, this establishment ensures a memorable encounter that encapsulates the charm of Silang’s natural splendor and gastronomic treasures.

With its tantalizing menu and soothing atmosphere, Balai Mario beckons food enthusiasts to indulge in a unique dining journey. The restaurant’s dedication to presenting the best of both local and global flavors has established it as a favorite destination among Silang’s community and beyond. From the panoramic views to the culinary delights, Balai Mario promises an unforgettable experience, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a culinary escape in the beautiful region of Cavite.

Whether you’re craving an exquisite meal or longing for a serene dining atmosphere, Balai Mario has something to offer to every visitor. Its harmonious blend of flavors and stunning location amidst the picturesque surroundings of Silang make it an ideal place for various occasions. Embark on a delightful culinary adventure and immerse yourself in the essence of Silang’s natural beauty and gastronomic wonders at Balai Mario. Balai Mario in Silang Cavite near Tagaytay. Pinoy na pinoy ang atake ng restaurant na to! — from the kubo dining areas, sungka on every table, overall ambiance of the place, to their classic music choices and staff uniforms. You can really feel the Filipino vibe. Plus, their filipino food menu — affordable prices pero in fairness, masarap! Super sulit! Try their poqui-poqui, masarap din! #balaimario #balaimariosilang #balaimariotagaytaycity #silang #cavite #filipinofood #kainansasouth #silangrestaurant #caviterestaurant #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Avery Loro

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